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Epoch Otter Mesh

Epoch Otter Mesh
Epoch Otter Mesh
SKU: Otter Mesh-White
Brand: Epoch


  • Manufactured using an advanced knitting process, Otter Mesh's Symmetrical Cell Structure is made up of four mesh pillars and connection points providing structural integrity for a technologically advanced pocket
  • Otter Mesh isĀ comprisedĀ of a military grade, ultra lightweight composite fiber that is hydrophobic, thermal-neutral between -76 F and 140 F. Otter Mesh has UV protection and will not undergo thermal shrinkage, or thermal expansion so your pocket stays consistent on hot and cold days. Otter Mesh demonstrates extremely low elasticity (wet and dry), exhibits high abrasion resistance and is biologically and chemically stable. Otter Mesh is 100% recyclable
  • This ultra lightweight mesh is 50% lighter than conventional mesh and provides unmatched feel and control under all playing conditions. Otter Mesh has essentially made every head on the market 18g lighter

Price: $39.99